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  • Hello! Doubt you are going to see this, but I would Love to be able to get ahold of bts Gold 5 (plus the canada deluxe) additional civs, but all of our download paths are no longer valid. If its too much of a pain, that's alright. Either way, thank you for your work!
    Hello, could you please make a mac version to civ gold 5.0? It's a great mod and I think everyone should be able to get it.
    opps messed up on the post. anyways i would like to thank you are the others for the civ gold 5 mod, with the structure of the way the mod is built is there a way to add the units/civ's from the next war as well? or is there already an add-on with them? thank you for you time :)
    The Canada Mod is just incredible...I always use it. As a guy who has collected Canadian postage stamps for 35 years, I know many of the names on the "Voyageurs," the towns in the game, and even the regiments you list on "Canada Corps."

    The stuff the workers say when they move out is funny, too: "Better than going on pogey." If I hadn't read Pierre Berton's "The Great Depression," his history of Canada in the 1930s, I would not have known that was a term for the dole.

    You might want to make Guy Simonds a "Great General" in future mods of this mod, but I guess it's time to start revving up for "Canada" in Civ 5.

    By the way, in my latest Canadian civilization, I captured three Barbarian cities, and kept them in Canada. Since Canada has never had imperial pretensions beyond the North American continent, I was stymied on what to rename these cities...then I had the answer: "Vimy," "Dieppe," and "Ortona." Next will be "Walcheren" or "Fort Whoop-Up."
    Thanks williamtorres. I'd certainly be up for revisiting the mod. The Deluxe version had flavour units and some new wonders. I'd be up for adding a bit more flavor - more units, more buildings, some new graphics, etc.

    What aspect of modding are you most comfortable with at this point?
    Your Canada Mod is fantastic!
    I have been following it and using since I first got Civ 4...then Warlords ... and now BTS.
    Do you have future plans for changes to it.
    I don't (yet) now enough to write a mod, but I've learned a bit about modifying a mod and would love to help out in whatever limited capacity I can.
    Thanks! Depends - if you want to add a leader to a Firaxis civ, you need to create a folder in Custom Leaderheads and include the XML files like the ones in those existing folder, and edit DefaultCiV4_CivilizationsInfo.xml to add that leader to that civ.

    If it's a leader for one of my civs, you need to add the leader folder within that civ and create XML files there, plus edit the XML for Finland_CivilizationsInfo.xml (or whatever).
    Wow! Great job on 5.0. I really like it. One quick question... what files would need to be changed if I wanted to add a leaderhead to a civilization in this mod?
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