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  • Just checked, can replicate that problem with high populations.
    Sadly no idea what the cause could be.
    Therefore I suggest that you either open a thread about this problem or ask in my thread here (please don't ask in my profile, via PM, or in the download section).

    I'm sorry for not being helpful, and I'm also sorry that I'll probably not be able to debug the problem. I'm also sorry for saying this above, but I might take a break from civfanatics for some time, so I only say that to ensure that you're not wasting your time with waiting for an answer.
    Sorry for that :(.
    With lots stuff to do, the satisfaction after it's done will be even bigger ;).
    Could you please check if the mod comp, which I provided, works on its own on your machine?
    (I know it works on mine, but you never know)

    Nice find for the features. Did not really know that this is possible :).
    The exact name should be Civilization4.ini (or also possible with latin numerals).

    Python exceptions have nothing to do with what .ini you use.
    go to your main .ini file (in Documents\My Games\BtS), and change

    ; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
    HidePythonExceptions = 1

    to 0. Then try nuking again, and tell me if you get an error message ingame.
    Don't see anything which should prevent razing cities.
    Did you enable Python exceptions in your main .ini file? Not that something is broken and we don't see it.
    Okay, I've adjusted it now. The log will now say that the owner of the nuke has razed the city, and the ruins will also vanish. Link
    It's not possible to remove the fallout dependent on the feature, it's only possible to remove it at all. You can change it in the XML\GlobalDefines.xml, just search for fallout.

    For the log: Don't know if that's possible, will have to test some things.
    Hi MAN,
    Forest or Jungle is not the problem, But the river is really bad if this is impacted from the nuke ....
    Iam not sure if a original nuke delete oasis or foodplains as well.
    Well i check it out this evening ......
    thx - keep you posted.
    Cheers !!!
    'kay, it's here.
    There's a problem with the features. When my code runs, the nuke has already hit the spot. Means that there's fallout on some plots (not all, because that's random). I can remove the fallout, but in case that there was before e.g. a forest, then I can't put it back, because the program code can't see that there was a forst, because the removal of the forest happened before.
    Hope that's still sufficient :).
    mmhh...I'll try to make a clean version (the current one is a lazy hack :mischief:). Remind me again in a day or two, for the case I forget it.
    I have an adjusted version here :).
    And next time please ask in my thread ;). Discussing such stuff via private or visitor message is a bit tedious.
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