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21st century part 2 2016-10-05

21st century part 2

  1. Necropolis
    This is the world of the Near future circa 2020 or 2025 ad i was un-able to change the game year from 4000 BC. i outlined my changes in the up-dated readme file. you play as the south Asia union and your goal is to liberate Tibet and create a new south asian republic to add to your new federation. iv givin a tiny food bonus for terrain tiles and this is good a did delte a few indian cities but they had no land and were interfering with the main cities of india.

    i destroyed Saint petersburg russia it was in complely wrong spot it was trying to control baltic states the russians will rebuild it in the correct location in afew turns i placed a settler on the right spot. plus if your crusade against china is more successful you can give russia sinkiang region and russia will create east turkmenistan republic to add to the C.I.S. alliance (common wealth of independent states).