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24 / 32 Max Civs BTS 3.13 2016-10-05

These two dll files are a combination of the Unofficial BTS 3.13 patch changes plus a max civ change for 24 / 32 civs. It was recompiled with the most current .NET1.1 and DirectX SDK's in the compiler path.:goodjob: The file size is about 2 MB larger, but much faster and smoother when playing 24 civs with the Giant Earth Map Celts v2.2 with BTS.

Please let me know if there are any bugs and I will try to fix them. Absolutely amazing as far as the swiftness and smoothness of play on my computer - but then it was compiled on my machine.

I built it due to the annoyingly slow game play on the Giant Earth Map Celt v2.2 when used in the Next War Epic Mod.:mad: So I thought I would share my custom dll with other Giant Earth Map Fans!:D The original dll I compiled for allowing 24 civs did not have the latest .NET1.1 and DirectX SDK's in the compiler path.



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