again a world map, 90x53 (Civ5-Map) v4 2016-10-05

again a world map, 90x53 (Civ5-Map) v4

  1. Manifold
    again a world map has a size of 90x53 (Standard) v4

    This world map is designed especially for slow PCs, like mine.
    But playing the map could be also fun for better equipped players,
    because of the very detailed map in contrast to the firaxis standard map.

    Of course Mediterranean, US East Coast, Caribbean and Japan are enlarged a bit.
    All resources are placed with historical references like in the real world and are also fully ballanced.

    For an overview of the new look, take a look at the last screenshot from Feb 04, 2012!

    I put 11 Civs on the map, Attention some are changed:

    Zansibar = Songhai Empire
    Tonga Empire = Aztecs (level of difficulty: King of the Gods!!!)
    Moghul Empire = Mongolian Empire
    Barbary Coast = Ottoman Empire
    Ming = Siam Empire

    v3 - new terrain (atoll), natural wonder (El Dorado, ...)
    v4 - africa is moved one hex down, so europe is enlarged; more sea food

    You are welcome to make a mod, scenario or whatever you want with it, good luck!

    Comments and suggestions welcome.


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