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ANM 2.18 2016-10-05

ANM 2.18

  1. Civ Fuehrer
    ANM 2.18 fixes the later era's workboat's inability to sanitize and is now on an installer, also since 2.15 and 2.16 was broken, I pulled them from the downloads section. Here's the thread!
    This is a compilation of a revamped version of Pegasos' NAM, The J's Planetbuster mod, Civ Fuehrer's Bionukes and Mindnukes (Mindnuke base code from TC01 with The J and my help). RoM 2.8 official compatible.
    Installation Instructions:
    -Must have RoM 2.8 installed
    -open/extract .zip anywhere
    -run installer
    -have fun!