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ANM 2.2 2016-10-05

ANM 2.2

  1. Civ Fuehrer
    ANM 2.2 fixes the sludge feature so it moves as it was originally intended to. Here's the thread! This is a compilation of a revamped version of Pegasos' NAM, The J's Planetbuster mod, Civ Fuehrer's Bionukes and Mindnukes (Mindnuke base code from TC01 with The J and my help). RoM 2.8 official compatible.
    Installation Instructions:
    -Install RoM 2.81
    -Install AND 1.6 (must be beta 6 or later, doesn't matter which install option)
    -Extract to BTS/Mods folder
    -Have fun nuking!