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Arrow Attack for Civ Caravel 2016-10-05

This is a cut & paste addition of an arrow attack for the Caravel from the original CivIII, to replace the cannon attack. The file contains a replacement .ini file and the CaravelArrow.flc file.

Installation options:

1. You can either backup your Caravel's original .ini file and then insert this .ini file and .flc file in the Caravel's folder...

2. ...or you can include the entire decompressed folder in your mod's unit folder. If you choose this option, rename the 'CaravelArrow' folder to just 'Caravel', and insert it in your mod's folder. It should contain only the two files mentioned above. When Civ looks for your Caravel, it will find the .ini file and CaravelArrow.flc file in this Caravel folder, then it will look for all the other files in the original Caravel folder still in your original CivIII unit folder. It works fine this way, and prevents you from altering your original Caravel folder/files.

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