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Balkan Peasant Worker animations 2016-10-05

Balkan Peasant Worker animations

  1. Micaelus
    These animations are an add-on to the Medieval Balkan Peasants (Bulgarian, Bulgarian with hat, Serbian, and Wallachian) available through the Medieval Balkan unit pack's thread, here.

    They include a full set of terraforming animations: Clear Forest, Clear Jungle, Irrigate, Mine, Build Road, Build Fortress, and Plant Forest.

    Many thanks to Plotinus for providing his worker animations to CFC for the community's use. Other thanks, of course, go to Utahjazz7, Kinboat, Odin, Steph, et al. for their materials and expertise.


    1. workerpreview_32v.png
    2. peasantworkers_vX9.gif