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Better Splashes 2016-10-05

Better Splashes

  1. Sun Ce of Wu
    This mod changes the Wonder splash for Parthenon and Porcelain Tower, the Era splash for the industrial Era, the Background for UN Congress (BNW)
    What were the mistakes of the original ones?
    Parthenon: Romans instead of Greeks
    Porcelain Tower: Japanese-style pagoda not matching the Chinese style (and correct one) 3D model
    Industrial Era: Statue of Liberty makes splash not so universal
    UN Congress: original background give no majesty to UN, nor represents the high number of delegates.


    1. wonderconceptparthenon_3Ij.jpg
    2. wonderconceptporcelaintower_aJ9.jpg
    3. era_industrial_KYJ.jpg
    4. wonderconceptun_small_6vx.jpg