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Bren LMG - V1.2 patch 2016-10-05

This archive includes Version 1.1 and 1.2 patch files for the Bren LMG unit.

Except for the icons, these are optional files, but highly reccommended. You can replace the existing ones with these. So obiviously you will also need the original files.


patch v1.1 includes

A fix to the units_32 icon file (thanks Vuldacon, I used your system by fiddled a little with the file)
A fix to the 4 civilopedia icons

And, 5 new animations
AussieLMG_LS_AttackA.flc. an attack with animation with lighter (transparent) smoke
AussieLMG_NS_AttackA.flc, an attack with animation with no smoke
AussieLMG_LS_Fidget.flc, a fidget animation with lighter (transparent) smoke
AussieLMG_NS_Fidget.flc, a fidget animation with no smoke.
AussieLMG_Linger_death.flc, a longer (lingering) death as suggested by Vuldacon


patch v1.2 includes

A fix to all animations (re-centered, better civ color, some animations re-timed) Including those added by the V1.1 patch.
Re-did the units32 icon to not be so bright. Fiddled with a few detail items as well.
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