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British Isles 2016-10-05

British Isles

  1. vibe96
    My first map :yup:

    This is a 46x46 map of Britain and Ireland. it also includes some smaller islands like The Isle of Man. It has realistic features and rivers.

    Because this map has no civs, it can be played trough the single player menu.


    1. 2012_03_19_00001_LG9.jpg
    2. 2012_03_19_00002_q9P.jpg
    3. 2012_03_19_00003_0Sb.jpg
    4. 2012_03_19_00004_Pf7.jpg
    5. 2012_03_19_00005_53e.jpg
    6. 2012_03_19_00006_KWA.jpg