[BtS SDK] Water Animals Mod v0.4 2016-10-05

[BtS SDK] Water Animals Mod v0.4

  1. Amra
    This is for Beyond the Sword version 3.13

    I take no credit for this mod. I only updated it to Beyond the Sword out of
    my own desire to use the mod again.

    I think that Roamty has previously updated this as part of his Modular Exotic Animals mod but I can no longer find a link for that download so I am uploading my update of TheLopez' terrific mod here... Amra

    This mod basically enables animals to be automatically spawned in oceans if
    they have their feature or terrain native values set correctly. So for instance if a water animal should trawl through ocean and water plots then the terrain native should be set in the unit definition like this:


    As an example I have included Chalid's newly introduced Kraken.
    [EDIT] Version 0.4BtS also includes a Waterspout model

    Installation Instructions:
    Extract this file to your Beyond the Sword "Mods" folder within the Beyond the Sword game directory.
    For example, C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\MODS.
    It should create a folder called "Water Animals Mod" that will include all of the modpack files.
    In game, click on "Advanced" and then "Load a Mod" to play.

    If you want this mod to load automatically every time you play Civ4 Beyond the Sword then edit
    the "CivilizationIV.ini" file in your "\My Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword" directory.
    Search for "Mod = 0" and change it to "Mod = Mods\Water Animals Mod".

    -----Game Play-----
    - Allows water animals to be automatically spawned by the game.

    - Strength: 4
    - Movement: 2

    - Strength: 3
    - Movement: 2

    -----Notes to Modmakers-----

    If you want to use the Water Animals Mod in your mod I have tried to make
    things as easy as possible for you. In the XML files modified sections are
    enclosed by:
    <!-- -->
    <!-- Water Animals Mod Start -->
    <!-- -->
    <!-- -->
    <!-- Water Animals Mod End -->
    <!-- -->

    In the SDK files I have added // < Water Animals Mod Start > and
    // < Water Animals Mod End > in all of the places that I have made changes to
    the original files.

    As part of the changes to the SDK files I have also exposed several new methods
    to python, they are:
    int getWaterAnimalSpawnChance() const;
    void setWaterAnimalSpawnChance(int iNewValue);
    void changeWaterAnimalSpawnChance(int iChange);

    Spoiler Version Info and Credits :

    -----Version Information-----

    - Updated to work with Beyond the Sword v3.13

    - Added waterspout model from Amra's Modpack v2.10
    (Originally from Fall from Heaven II)

    - Updated to be compatible with Warlords v2.0.8.0 patch.

    - Integrated Dr. Elmer Jiggle's INI file parser code

    - Added the configurable option allowing players to specify the chance that a
    water animal will spawned.

    - Updated several SDK files to allow players to update the chance that a water
    animal will be spawned.

    - Updated all code to be compatible with Warlords v2.0.0.0

    - Setup Water Animals Mod infrastructure

    - Added Chalids Kraken unit

    - Updated the DLL to allow water animals to be spawned like every other animal

    -----===Credits & Thanks===-----
    - Exavier
    Composite Mod - readme.txt format

    - Chalid
    For providing an excellent water animal.

    - TheLopez
    For creating the mod

    - The FFH Team
    Waterspout model

    - The BUG Mod Team
    For updated BtS python code for Dr Elmer Jiggle's INI parser


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