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CAMELOT! 2016-10-05

The Romans have left merry old England which must now fend for itself. Into the power vacuum cometh the barbarian hordes. Picts & Scots to the north. Saxons, Angels & Jutes to the east. Can the Britons, the Dumnonii and the Cymry unite to repel the invaders? Will the ancient cousins from across the sea, the Gauls, send help? And what of the Franks and the Belgae? Are they friend or foe? Is Rome gone for good, or can she be persuaded to return the legions? Is there any hope?

The theme is that of the Arthurian Legend. Choose to play one of the invading races and see if you can fill the void left by the departing Romans. Play as Arthur of the Britons and see if you can hold off the barbarians and maintain the glory that was the Pax Romana. Which ever you choose, victory can come through building the Pendragon wonder and getting yourself elected Bretwalda. But perhaps you will put your faith in that which is lost.

The legend of the Holy Grail arises from the ancient mists of time forgotten. Did it ever really exist, or was it just a myth. Was it the stairway to heaven, priceless, worth killing to possess? Or die trying? Did the Knights of the Round Table ever find it? Or is it indeed lost for all time? Will the light of life be extinguished in the west? Will the forces of darkness prevail against the champions of truth? Build the Round Table, send out your Great Knights on the most righteous of quests! Find that which has been lost. Return the Holy Grail to your capital city and be crowned the Once & Future King. Fail, and the barbarians will forever plunge the emerald isle into the darkest of ages. But if you succeed, light will prevail, peace will flourish. So put on your armour, grab your lance, mount your faithful steed and come travel the land in search of the precious Grail. Do what you must to preserve the legend of...

This scenario/mod is set on a map of Great Britain, with part of Ireland and the coasts of Brittany & Flanders included. There are 12 playable races that all begin with one settler. Civilizations are developed as in the standard game, but with only 2 victory conditions: Diplomacy and Reverse Capture the Flag.

A Diplomacy victory is made possible by building the Pendragon Great Wonder. Criteria for election are the same as in the standard Conquests game.

The Reverse Capture the Flag victory is really how the game was designed to be played. The flag unit is the Holy Grail. The object is to find the Grail and return it to your capital city. Doing so will award 10,000 victory points which is all that is needed to win. The Grail is the only way to gain victory points. The only units that are able to “see” the Grail (it’s invisible), are the Great Knights. Great Knights can only be built by the Round Table Small Wonder. Every civ can build this wonder, so the game is really a race to progress through the tech tree, build the Round Table and send out your Great Knights to find the Grail.

Now, there is one caveat that must be stated to ensure the integrity of the game is maintained. I tried to make the Great Knights the only units that could Capture. However, I discovered that the AI didn’t like this. If Capture is not checked for military units, then the options for Offense or Defense are greyed out. And if the AI doesn’t know how to play a military unit, it won’t build them. Stupid AI! So, I have had to leave the Capture field checked for all units. This means that even though a unit (other than the Great Knights) can’t “see” the Holy Grail, it could possibly stumble upon it by chance, thus being able to Capture it. Fortunately, in perhaps 30 some times I’ve tested the scenario this has never happened.

Most of the standard game pieces have be altered. All the Leaderheads have been changed; most of the units, too. Governments have been added, some deleted. Same with Techs & Resources. Lots of changes to Buildings & Wonders. And, the Civilopedia has been updated to reflect all the changes. One big change that will be noticed right away is that Womoks terrain is used. I like it quite a lot and it’s not used very much in other scenarios. Lastly, there is an altered music score. It is not necessary for the game to play, but if you do download it, I believe you will find it quite enjoyable.
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