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Cities in Development (Obsolete)

Cities in Development (Obsolete)

  1. Update to v58

    • Various support added for SD: Ideals.
    • Fixed issue with Development values appearing in 10s on the map.
    • Buildings in the Right-hand panel are now sorted by "Districts." This is purely aesthetic, and can be toggled off in the user settings.
    • Slave Worker, Peasant, and Worker split is now disabled with the CBO.
    • Fixed TXT_KEY issue with Corporations Overview for CBO.
    • Added Civ VI style Build Charges, that is, Workers now build Improvements instantly, but are expended...
  2. Update to v57

  3. Update to v56


    • Thanks to Chrisy, fixed an issue wherein Development values for unique buildings would be doubled and could be generally unstable.
    • Reverted XP Buildings (Barracks, Armory, and Military Academy) to cost Gold Maintenance instead of Crime.
    • Fixed an issue whereby sound effects for the Worker and Slave were missing.
    • Fixed an issue wherein National Wonders unlocked during the Medieval Era...
  4. Update to v55


    • Added new Development icons with much thanks to King Sukritact.
    • Various lua fixes.
    • Corrected several issues with Organized Crimes stating the incorrect yield that they reduced (Terrorists, Smugglers, and Anarchists fixed).
    • Fixed an issue whereby unmet City-State allies would be revealed on the city banner.
    • Added some CBO support for the Doctor specialist and Great Doctor.
    • "New",...
  5. Update to v54

    • Removed a rogue print statement.
    • Made some updates to the Civilopedia game concept entries.
    • Fixed an issue with the AI not receiving the correct amount of Food from Excess Health.
    • Fixed issue with tooltips and building improvements not working correctly.
    • Fixed some database issues when using CBO.
    • Added plot mouseover support for Golden Age Points, Great Admiral Points, and Great General points as yields.
    • Fixed Longhouse changes half-working with CBO.
    • Terrorists...