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[Civ BE] The Unity Project (SMAC Leader Pack) 2016-10-05

[Civ BE] The Unity Project (SMAC Leader Pack)

  1. lilgamefreek
    Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri returns with its characters reimagined for Beyond Earth. Play out the tale of the ill-fated UN Colony Mission: Unity as one of twelve unique leaders. Launched many decades before the Seeding, the UNSS Unity was meant to symbolize a new age of cooperation for Earth's nations. Disaster strikes however, when the Unity's crew is awoken from cryosleep to repair a massive hull breach caused by a meteorite impact. Still months from their destination, the massive and diverse crew must contend with survival on a ship never meant to support an active men, a crippled reactor unable stop the ship from over-shooting its destination, and civil war when the ship's Captain, John Garland, is found dead in his quarters. Be prepared to guide these classic characters on the surface of a new alien planet, contend with old adversaries, and encounter new leaders from a future earth who have arrived on their tail.

    "The Unity Project" is a compilation mod of my "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri" mods. It was originally made to celebrate the release of the 7 original factions, redone with all of the lessons I've learned since I started modding. Since then it has been updated with the human factions from "Side Meier's Alien Crossfire" as I completed them.

    The mod also features a secret, 13th faction that allows players to explore the "What if?" scenario of the Unity Project's success. How might the story have unfolded if Captain Garland had survived and completed the Unity's journey? Discover how to unlock the faction by exploring the Unity's Civilopedia page and learning more about the late John Garland.

    The Factions

    Click on any of the factions for more details on their abilities and story!

    Prophet Cha Dawn, Cult of Planet

    Captain Ulrik Svensgaard, Nautilus Pirates

    Aki Zeta-Five, Cybernetic Conciousness

    Foreman Domai, Free Drones

    Datajack Sinder Roze, Data Angels

    Academician Zakharov, University of Planet

    Colonel Corazón Santiago, Spartan Federation

    Sister Miriam Godwinson, The Lord's Believers

    Lady Deirdre Skye, Gaia's Stepdaughters

    CEO Nwabudike Morgan, Morgan Industries

    Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang, Human Hive

    Comissioner Pravin Lal, UN Peacekeeping Forces

    Unknown, The Unity Project

    Social Engineering, a Culture and Virtue Revamp

    Known Issues

    There's a serious issue that affects many sponsor mods with custom leaderscenes. The mods can cause the game to crash to desktop when used in conjunction with the default civs. A current fix is to play the game with the leaderscenes set to minimum. In the meantime, modders are investigating a proper fix. You can do your part by notifying Firaxis of this widespread issue.

    External Links/Downloads

    CivFanatics download page
    CivFanatics forum thread
    Steam Workshop link

    Additional Credits

    Editing - TartarusMkII
    Art, Design - adapted from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
    Captain Garland's Portrait - Self Portrait by Hannah Gluckstein
    Lore - adapted from "Journey to Centauri" by Mike Ely and "GURPS Alpha Centauri" supplement by Jon F. Zeigler
    Code - utility functions by JFD, modular covert-ops script by Vice Virtuoso
    Promotional Material - "Helios Colony Ship" by Jason Tinsley Additional Digital Art by Dirk Kipper and Katase6626; Unity Mission Patch from STS-131 Shuttle Mission.


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