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Civ2 City Icons for Civ3 2016-10-05

OK, not a big thing, but the pastellish bright blue/red icons on the city screen and domestic advisor screens started to annoy me slightly. And some of the other icons, like the smiley, seemed a little too off concept.

So I have replaced all the icons in the cityicons.pcx to a civ2 flavour.

-culture icon replaced by bible-icon, which makes more sense to me, since libraries and temples hardly produce any music
-smiley replaced by elvis, with and without shades, for content and happy citizen.
-all other icons changed to civ2 MGE style, shields, coins, trade, corruption/waste etc.

If anyone should be interested its in this zip. Simply unzip and place the file in the "Civilization III/Art/City Screen"-folder, after making a backup of the original file.

Update to file : Elvis'es modified slightly. Bible still the same.
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