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Civ5: 16C Doppelsoldner (Pikeman-body version) 2016-10-05

Civ5: 16C Doppelsoldner (Pikeman-body version)

  1. zwei833
    This is the version with Pikeman's body, for the version of Doppelsoldner with Landsknecht's body(the slightly modified old version), check here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=23914

    16th century German Landsknecht - Doppelsoldner.

    This this an alter weapon version of the original Landskencht in Civ5, using zweihander or German two-handed sword. There are two versions of the unit having different body texture and using different sword.
    I use it to simply replace the original Landsknecht model, but it is also suitable to be a UU model if making a Germany/Holy Roman Empire/Austria mod.

    Update 2014/11/14

    - new hat for both model.
    - now both model use the "breastplate" version of body model, the reason why I totally abondon the original landsknecht body model is more than "armours are cool", the most important reason is that the landsknecht body model become angular(less smooth) and ugly through import and re-export and this is a problem can't be solve.
    - this will be the final version of Doppelsoldner unit model.


    1. 1_PNu.jpg
    2. 2_ME6.jpg
    3. 2014_11_14_00003_h28.jpg
    4. 2014_11_14_00011_Mi8.jpg