District progression cost tied to number of existing districts: +20 for each, Min City distance: 4 --> 5, District range 6 --> 7, Barbarian camps reduced by 1/3, counter spying: 8 --> 40 turns increase, Religious units cost progression +50%, Scout combat: 10 --> 12., Religion spread from adjacent cities: 10 --> 13

In detail:
Vanilla districts are tied to the number of techs/civics researched and the average of all players (BS rubber band mechanism). I changed that to a system akin to the settler cost progression: each additional district of the same type costs 20 more (Districts.xml). The min distance between cities is increased from 4 to 5 for less city spamming and number of barbarian camps reduced by 1/3, religion spreads 30% (10-->13) further from adjacent cities to accomodate for the increased cost of religious units in favour of more macro than micro (GlobalParameters.xml). Due to the higher min distance between cities, the regional range of district buildings has been increased from 6 to 7 (Buildings.xml). Counter spying now lasts 40 turns if not interrupted manually, thus reducing the clickfest (Unit Operations.xml). All religious units have a +50% cost increase for each subsequent unit for less religious spam and scouts have a 12 instead of 10 combat value (Units.xml). All adjustments can easily be changed or deleted in the corresponding files.

Please give me some feedback of what you'd like added or changed.
I would love to reduce the number of city states, but that is scripted in a .lua file. Don't know yet how to overwrite .lua files in a mod.

You can directly change the original file:
steam apps/common/sid meier's civilization vi/base/assets/maps/utility/AssignStartingPlots.lua

"self.iNumMinorCivs = math.floor(PlayerManager.GetAliveMinorsCount() * 0.8);"

==> 20% less city states than the default setting, rounded down

If someone knows how to change that value in a mod instead of overwriting the orginal file, please tell me!
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Thanks for the great work! This mod really nails it. I think that colloseum and possiblly other AOE wonders also need a range boost - please consider that.
Thanks for pointing out the wonder range. I'll check that out once I continue work on this mod. I'm occupied with other things currently, so this will take a while.
I didn't know I needed this mod until I tried it, and now I can't live without it. Brilliant!
this is ... woaw... small stuff but this is excellent ! You actually nailed some of the most questionnable choices firaxis did with civ6. Congratulation and big thanks in the name of civ's fans !
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