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Civilization 6 : [Back to the Five] Balance tweak ModPack v1.08

Balance tweaks based on Civilization 5 which is well balanced.

  1. Hominute

    Back to The Five

    V1.07 Patch note

    1. In Civilization 6, the formula of the movement is different from that of Civilization 5 and it cause movement loss. To compensate for this loss, I added one more movement to all units. This will make the slow movement of Civilization 6 faster.

    All unit movement +1

    2. Like Civilization5, hills provide 2 productions regardless of climate. hills do not provide food.

    All hills only provide 2 productions.

    3. In Civilization5, the more cities there were, the more penalties were in science and culture. Therefore, the more districts you have, the more penalties to build districts are in Civilization6. The amount of production needed to build a district does not matter with science and civic tech. Adjust special districts to 2/3rds the cost of normal districts. Each time you build the same kind of district, the cost of production increases by 50%. 25% for umbanza or neighborhood.

    Unique District 1/2 -> 2/3 of normal districts. (Japan bonus 1/2 ->2/3)

    District cost = 1.5 x previous cost. Ex) campus = 1.5 * previous campus.

    Residential District cost = 1.25 x previous cost.

    4. Science and culture are important in both 5 and 6. If you consider adjacent bonuses, it is very difficult to find campus and theater sites. As you did in Civilization 5, produce more science and culture in big cities with lots of farm.

    Campus and Theater now acquire adjacent bonus 1 from 3 tiles of grass or plain.

    5. In Civilization 6, there was no specialist, only layperson. Now they are back.

    Citizen in district slot yields twice now.

    Ex) Citizen in campus yields 4 (was 2 before) sciences.

    6. Did you miss Civilization 5 where you can easily build your own roads? Did you miss valuable maritime trade? You can now make the road quickly. Make a lot of money by traveling a long distance by ship.

    Land range of merchant not 10(was 15). Ocean range of merchant is 30(no change).

    Once a merchant makes a round trip, the trade is finished (at least 20 turns before).

    A ship allows you to trade long distances and it provides additional yields. (x)

    (I need help to solve it ☹. I don’t know how to get length of the trade routes.)

    7. Like Civilization 5, the next technology of the wheel unlocks lumbermills.

    Engineering unlocks lumbermill.

    8. If you're at war you're not building wonders anyways, so you won't miss the wonder boost.

    Corvee, Gothic architecture and skyscrapers are now military cards (were economic cards).

    9. Do not cry any more when you don’t have an iron nor oil. You can do it if you can.

    You can produce the units which that require the strategic resource without it in a city with an encampment. (Expect Better AI)

    10. The military maintenance cost was too cheap and there were too many units on map. It must be harder to keep many troops now. In addition, the cost of upgrading units has also increased.

    All unit maintenance cost doubled.
    Professional army (50%->30%)

    11. Unit balance tweak and add anti-ranged, anti-melee.

    +2 combat to spear man (was 25) and pike man (41)

    +3 combat to AT crew (70), infantry (70)

    +5 combat to modern AT (80)

    +5 ranged combat (75) and combat (65) to machine gun.

    +5 combat to monk. Military engineer build charge 2->8.

    Oligarchy melee bonuses 4 ->3. (now +3 legacy bonus, +3 gov bonus)

    Anti-spear bonus (+10 combat against anti-cavalry) to ranged units.

    Anti-range bonus (+5 combat against ranged unit) to melee units

    Anti-melee bonus (+5 combat against melee unit) to cavalry unit.

    Simply, melee > ranged > anti cavalry > cavalry > melee.

    12. Balance tweak on religions (Pantheon, Belief) with more fun.

    Fertility Rites: City growth rate is 15% (10% was before) higher.

    River Goddess: +2(+1) Amenities to cities if they have a Holy Site district adjacent to a River.

    God of Craftsmen: +2(+1) Production from Mines over Strategic resources.

    God of Healing: Increases Healing by +40 (+30) in your Holy Site district, or any adjacent tiles.1

    God of the Forge: +20% (25%) Production toward Ancient and Classical military units.

    God of War: Bonus Culture (Faith) equal to a half of strength of each enemy unit killed within 8 tiles of a Holy Site district you own.

    Initiation Rites: +100(+50) Faith for each Barbarian Outpost cleared.

    Monument to the Gods: +20% (15%) Production to Ancient and Classical era Wonders.

    Religious Settlements: Border expansion rate is 30% (15%) faster.

    Sacred Path: Holy Site districts get +2 (+1) Faith from adjacent Rainforest tiles.

    Divine Inspiration: All world wonders provide +8 (+4) Faith.

    Religious Community: Shrines and Temples each provide +2 (+1) Housing.

    Church Property: +4 (+2) Gold for each city following this Religion.

    Cross-Cultural Dialogue: +1 Science for every 3 (5) followers of this Religion in other civilizations.

    Lay Ministry: Each Holy Site or Theater Square district in a city following this Religion provides +3 (+1) Faith or +3 (+1) Culture respectively.

    Pilgrimage: +4 (+2) Faith for every city following this Religion in other civilizations.

    Stewardship: Each Campus or Commercial Hub district in a city following this Religion provides +3 (+1) Science or +3 (+1) Gold respectively.

    Tithe: +1 Gold for every 2 (4) followers of this Religion.

    World Church: +1 Culture for every 3 (5) followers of this Religion in other civilizations.

    Crusade: Combat units gain +8 (+10) Combat Strength near foreign cities that follow this Religion.

    Defender of the Faith: Combat units gain +6 (+10) Combat Strength near friendly cities that follow this Religion.

    Holy Order: Missionaries and Apostles are 40% (30%) cheaper to Purchase.

    Itinerant Preachers: Religion spreads to cities 50% (30%) further away.

    Scripture: Religious spread from adjacent city pressure is 25% stronger. Boosted to 75% (50%) once Printing Press is researched.