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Civilization IV Leader Picker for BtS v3.13 2016-10-05

This is an interactive htm-file which allows you to search and sort data related to the the civilizations. For example, you can list all leaders with the trait "financial" and look up their civilization,traits, starting technologies, unique unit and unique building.
Also, if you mouse over those things you get more information. For example mouse over the UU Phalanx to see, that it has +100% defense vs. chariot in addition to the normal axeman.
It is not my own creation, the first edition wanders around for years now I guess, but I updated it for BtS 3.13 and included the ability to sort for civs and some other stuff.

I usually choose my civ in the HoF games and gauntlets with this one, I hope it'll help you too!
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