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Queue it up 2016-10-05

This version is the very first.
Please leave me some feedback, whether it worked for you or not.
The mod also gives you +100gold every turn, so you can speed up you testing a bit.
It is also advisable to turn barbs off. Currently they will abort the worker's actions when you don't protect your worker.

-1- Description
-2- Potential Mod Conflicts
-3- Version History
-4- Credits
-5- Contact information

== Description ==
This mod allows you do give your units a list of tasks by pressing "Shift" and then click the desired button.
Remember that unprotected worker and settler will stop their tasks when an enemy unit is nearby!

-add a button to continue your "old" task list when your worker or settler gets scared. I could also make our workers and settler not care, but that might have some unpleasant consequences.
-update the path of a unit with queued tasks. For now only the quickest route to the last position is shown on the map
-display the queue in the UI
-make normal unit commands, like fortify, stackable too

== Potential Mod Conflicts ==
Only works with the addon G&K!
This mod only changes the .dll files for now.
It should be compatible with every mod that does not mod the .dll files (just check your mod folder)
I had issues even when two mods with modded dll files were in the MODS folder.

== Version History ==
v1: this is the very first version. It is untested on other machines.

== Credits ==
Always ask permission first if you use a lot of someone's work.
It's appropriate to credit someone if you've used their work in whole or part.

== Contact information ==
I am registered as Airny in the CivFanatics forum
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