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Civilization Specific Tech Trees 2016-10-05

Civilization specific tech trees by ClassicThunder

Civilization Version: BTS 3.19
Mod Version: 1.0
Creator: ClassicThunder

Description: This mod allows you to have more than one tech tree and pick which civilization can use which tech tree. Both tech trees and civilizations now have channels, and a civilization can only research or trade for a tech that has the same channel.

Installation: To install this mod comp you will need to merge in the SDK and Python files into your own mod. All modifications are surrounded by “Civilization specific tech trees by ClassicThunder”. Additionally you will need to use the CIV4TechnologiesSchema and the CIV4CivilizationsSchema.

Support: Send me a PM at CivFanatics.com or E-Mail me at ClassicThunder@bellsouth.net
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