Colonialist Legacies' Tlingit for VP 18

Adds Colonialist Legacies' Tlingit into VP. Does not require the BNW base mod

  1. Great Merge compatibility

    Great Merge compatibility
  2. Great Merge compatibility

    Great Merge compatibility
  3. mod conflict

    removed willingness flavours mod conflict
  4. icon update

    new promotion icon for Survival March
  5. 07-01 compatibility

    Units attacking from a Noow no longer follow up (retreat back to Noow tile)
  6. UA tile bonus rework

    UA now only gives internal TR bonus if you are working the Noow and fishing boats near the city.
  7. Hit Fix

    Hit Fix
  8. Hit rework

    Hit now gives +1 gold to river tiles, instead of +1 to trade routes and +10% food kept on birth
    Hit now gives +4 production to production TRs instead of 25 production on completion
    tech yields modified for Noow
  9. ideology update

    updated Noow yields from ideologies
  10. Nerfin'

    Reduced Xaa RCS to 31
    UA now scales by +1 food/production per era
  11. small text and credits fix

    small fixes to credits and text
  12. Noow and Xaa reworks

    Can be built next to any source of water (ocean or freshwater), but not adjacent to each other.
    Cannot be built on resources

    Tidal Raid now gives Free Embarkation movement instead of a set number of moves on disembark
    - Operates similar to Denmark's Viking UA, making embarking/disembarking cost only 1 movement
    - Should help with stability (removes a very costly lua)
  13. duk fix

    duk can now build offshore platforms
  14. v12 update

    UA renamed to Ku.Eex'
    UA now gives +100% :c5culture:/:c5science: from ETRs
    Noow can now be built on resources
    Noow's bonus movement to unit removed
    Noow defense on tile reduced to +10%:c5strength:
    Noow provide unique promotion to units on their tile, removed if unit leaves the tile
    Promotion: Survival March
    Granted to units occupying a Noow Tile
    Provides 40% :c5strength: defense vs ranged attacks and 100% chance to retreat from melee combat.
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  15. icon update

    icon update to a newer one
  16. artsy fartsy updates-y

    1-2 minor text fixes
    Xaa now has +2 move on embark, rather than +1
    -1 RCS on Xaa, in keeping with VP 6-12 ranged nerf.
    Unique promotion icons, courtesy of Asterix Rage
  17. minor text fix

    minor text fix
  18. bug fixes

    Several bug fixes
    modified prereq and referenced mod load order. Should load correctly more consistently now
    Xaa now uses ranged unit promotion line
    fixed Xaa embark/disembark bug which allowed players to infinitely duplicate Xaa by moving in and out of coastal cities.
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  19. HOTFIX

    fixed Xaa strategic view, which was gumming up the works
  20. art update

    Added strategic view icons to Xaa and Noow