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District Building Overhaul Mod v1.41

Updates district buildings to provide additional yields based on tier.

  1. Updated to v1.4


    * Corrected bug that prevented Holy Sites from getting correct district building bonuses.
    * Yields from District Specialists doubled (e.g. Campus Specialists now yield 4 Science instead of 2).
    * Ikanda Specialists get +3 Production/+3 Culture.
    * Royal Navy Dockyard Specialists get +6 Gold/+2 Science.
    * Lavra Specialists get +4 Faith/+2 Culture.
    * Increased Great Artist and Great Musician points from Theater Square specialists.
    * Lavras grant one Great Work of Writing slot to Shrines and one Great Work of Art and one Great Work of Music slot to Temples.
    * Lighthouses in Royal Navy Dockyards provide a Trade Route even if there is a Commercial Hub with a Market in the same city.
    * Food Markets grant an additional +2 Housing.
    * Audience Chambers now grant +2 Amenities and 10% yield bonus (excluding Food) in cities with a Governor.
    * National History Museum now increases its city's Tourism output by 100%.
    * Airport Gold per district increased to 2.
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