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Earth 2020 Civs 1.11

Play the Civs from the Earth 2020 scenario in a regular game

  1. Update v1.1

    Barbarian King
    Update 1 (3/21/20)
    - Rebalanced unique bomber units
    - Changed the way city text is added to hopefully make this mod compatible with other mods that add the same cities
    - Added TSL coordinates for YnAMP maps

    Update 2 (11/21/20) - v1.1
    - Changed some of the civilization building art styles
    - Added loyalty pressure icons to the civs
    - Updated AMLO, adding a UU and changing some flavor text
    - Added a unit model for the Merkava (courtesy of Hizkiyahu)
    - Added a UU to Israel
    - Added Spanish translation (by josearte77)
    - Added a Chinese translation (with contributions by Acerleef, MASIJUN)
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