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EducationMod 2016-10-05


  1. Tholish
    This mod replaces existing random events with a bunch of events that cause you to forget technologies unless you pay an educaiton fee to preserve the knowledge. The fee is equal to one tenth the beaker cost of the tech. The event is randomly chosen from among those you already know, and you get a humorous popup offering justifications to keep or lose the tech. The probability of random events has been increased to ten times normal, so that by the future era one of these pops up every turn. Also there is a slightly more probable event that deletes a totally random tech, and you can stave it off by paying a moderate fee. I was thinking of making two sets of these events, one to trigger with no chance to buy off, which go obsolete with Education, and another to offer the fee option, and requiring the Education tech, but I decided the ancient eras are hard enough anyway, and what's the fun of an event with no option to do anything about it.

    Maybe I'll put that stuff in later though also it shouldn't hurt to put in the regular random events. Along with these.


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