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Elder scrolls mod - version 0.20 2016-10-05

Elder scrolls mod - version 0.20

  1. smortt
    Tamriel is brought right into the civilization world!

    version 0.20 (June 24, 2013):
    - added more civ-specific unit graphics, mostly by ramzay
    - conjurers now can spawn daedra by promotions

    version 0.18 (February 7, 2013):
    - added leaders and units by ramzay1945 - khajiit, argonian, and others
    - fixed ashlander camp and jungle tribe
    - orcs have expensive settlers now

    version 0.17 (august 27, 2012):
    - fixed GP issue; added barbarian city names

    updated to version 0.16 (June 3, 2012)
    - added unique citystyles for each race
    - flags by veBear
    - introduced some changes for unique game experience for some races
    - fixed some bugs

    important :
    the way to play this:
    -- install in program files mods directory and not in my games (or wherever the game is installed -- just not in my documents/my games)
    -- load the mod
    -- play custom scenario
    -- you should play with any number of civs up to 10 civs, because there are only 10 races
    -- you can try a random map, but expect the unexpected, since some races will be put outside their habitat.
    - some new civics.

    - a bug: argonians and bosmer get a lot of GP:
    To fix this, go to mods\tamriel\assets\xml\civilizations\civ4Traitinf os.xml and change
    in too places: line 18 under TRAIT_ARGONIAN and line 562 under TRAIT_RESOURCEFUL
    (the zero at the middle is misssing... need to add it)

    thread link

    - brand new tech tree
    - unique units
    - 4 arcane unit types, with some unique units for some civs. Mages are initially quite weak, but with the right promotions can become extremely powerfull.
    - tamrielian buildings and wonders, familiar from morrowind, oblivion, skyrim and various books and lore
    - unique game experience for certain races, notably bosmeri tree-dwellers, and argonians (who rely on jungle)
    - tamrielan province-specific resources, such as mamooth, moon sugar, horkers, etc.
    - some unique improvements, such as bosmeri tree communities and dunmeri ashlander camps.
    - all traits are new
    - even though leaders use vanilla graphics (yet), their personalities fit the lore.
    - Tamrielan religions; each civ can only found one.

    I really need feedback and suggestions, please comment in the thread


    - FFH2 team for varied and units buildings
    - Rise of mankind mod, again, some borrowed graphics, units, buildings.
    - thelopez - tech tree editor - I started this project with this.
    - OrionVeteran - limited religions mod, some wonders
    - The_J - defined starting positions mod, a lot of help with a lot of modding issues
    - -sr - tamriel map
    - minigrinch - editing the map
    - veBear - flags, graphics
    - ramzay1945 - awesome leaderheads and units
    - dual - argonians graphics
    - saibotlieh - a lot of graphics and units
    - justatourist, fenceman - some religion things and graphics
    - hrochland - converting some wonders from morrowind and oblivion
    - tsentom1 - some wonders
    - dacubz145 - some resources
    - chuggl - rohirrim graphics as bosmer :)
    - FK2006 - a lot of dds buttons
    - refar - some buildings
    - strategyonly - some units
    - rabbit_white - many promotion icons
    also thanks for ideas and input to:
    4lexander, pakhawaj, andy12750, and some people on bethesda forums.


    1. civ4screenshot0072_AYt.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0057_2Ss.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0031_1z0.jpg
    4. civ4screenshot0025_705.jpg
    5. civ4screenshot0027_3M0.jpg
    6. civ4screenshot0016_P8Z.jpg
    7. civ4screenshot0017_vaj.jpg
    8. civ4screenshot0030_a87.jpg