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Exploration Heritage (VP) 46

rather than relying on combat, XP is distributed per turn: full HP recon unit earns 50% of distance from capital as XP (assuming recon XP is available in the pool)
prev version of this mod was broken in current VP, and too simplistic in its approach to the recon XP problem. High-level recon units can still be reacquired after loss, but require combat; they're no longer auto-granted XP.

v37 functionality (version numbering jumped forward to correspond to current VP rev # ie VP 3.7):
  • University grants EH promotion to recon built in city
  • EH-promo'd recon (pre-paratrooper) are granted 10% of unused recon XP pool after combat
  • recon XP pool works as before (total discovered plots - total XP of player's recon units)
  • EH promotion removed from paratrooper and above after combat; no bonus XP after commando
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