Extra Human-Player Units at Game Start 1.05

Spawns extra Settler, Scout, and/or Builder units at start of game.

  1. Builder Spawn Fix

    Minor update, forgot to change builder spawn unit back to builder after using this script for testing.

    If you want to fix yourself w/o another download, just change "UNIT_MISSIONARY" to "UNIT_BUILDER" in the top section of the lua.

    For hot-seat:
    Remove the line:
    Events.LocalPlayerChanged.Add( OnPlayerTurnActivated );
    near the bottom of ScoutSpawn.lua
    It will cause the script to run twice for players other than player one.
  2. Gold fix

    Last update accidentally included wrong file.
  3. Update Era Fix

    Updated to fix an issue with script not working when game is started in a non ancient era.
  4. Update - Modified for Hot Seat Games

    Just a small modification so script will work with hot seat games.
    Not sure about online multiplayer, unable to test currently.
  5. Update Boosted Human Start

    Allows human player to start with extra units, techs, and gold

    To edit amounts and techs, change values at top of lua:
    Spoiler ScoutSpawn.lua --( never changed file name from original test) :
    local numSettlers = 0  --------------------------------------------set number of extra starting settlers for player
    local numScouts   = 5  --------------------------------------------set number of extra starting scouts
    local numBuilders = 2 ---------------------------------------------set number...