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Fantasy Pack 3: Factions 1.1

Fantasy Pack 3: Factions

  1. Walter Hawkwood
    The factions presented are:

    1) Drauga - barbarian/nomad/orc archetype

    Most buildings are made of hide and bone; the fort has fire animations on the tower tops (not shown).

    2) Gauri - dwarf archetype with slight mesoamerican flair

    All buildings are very solid brickwork, look almost like typical fantasy dwarven masonry. The fort has a single fire animation on its top (not shown).

    3) Haroun - very pronounced wood elf archetype

    All buildings are greenish and elvish, and incorporate lots of trees and glowy red lanterns. All trees and lanterns are animated (swaying).

    4) Human - typical fantasy humans archetype

    Many buildings can probably also work for non-fantasy medieval settings. Mostly white stone masonry. Outpost and fort not animated, hanging flags easily detachable.

    5) Shadow - rock formations and glowy stuff

    Typically animated with lots of glowy stuff and constructed of black rocks and floating crystals. Outpost and fort have animated walls made of lightning; fort has floating animated glowy crystals.

    6) Undead - typical fantasy undead archetype

    Although outpost and fort aren't animated, many of their buildings have glow and mist effects for haunted looks. Graveyards and black ruined towers mostly; very befitting an undead theme.

    Go vote for your favorite faction in the release thread!

    P.S. The thermal vent promised after the previous pack is also included. Not shown on the screens, as it won't open in NifSkope. Still, it should work.


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