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  • Dear Walter,
    I noticed that there are some fine Khmer units in the RI, but in the Renaissance era they became Post-Melaka units of Bakuel, have you considered making new Khmer units?
    Walter Hawkwood
    Walter Hawkwood
    I don't really make a lot of units - mostly they are those already available or converted from other games/mods. There are no suitable sources for later Khmer units I know of.
    Dear Walter,
    The "Lisowczyk" polish cavalry unit behave like a carrack, they move freely througouht rival terrytory without open borders.
    Hey Walter, thank you for allowing free use of RI's graphics. I'll be making good use of them in my modern-day mod.
    Walter Hawkwood
    Walter Hawkwood
    Great to hear! I'd suggest you use the files from SVN version if you can, though, as I recently finished a big technical overhaul, reducing the model sizes quite significantly, and those changes haven't made it into any installers yet.
    Hi Walter ... Not sure if this is the right place ... just wanted to say "Thank you" for this latest revision. A note of appreciation for the efforts of this team , in keeping this going. It is my most preferred MOD. Best wishes, Kuppai.
    Hey Walter do you happen to still have that pack of asian units that you sent me before that Bakuel made awile back? The many units (like the Khmer) that he never released.
    HI i have a question about multiplayer stability. sometimes when i and some friends create a game and click start the game crashes during loading screen. there just a windows message that the game crashed. and sometimes there is an oos failure at the start when the created game has loaded. what could that be? we play on windows 7 and 10 mixed via evolve. evolve is a vpn client.
    Walter Hawkwood
    Walter Hawkwood
    Very hard to say for sure. You're saying "sometimes" - which I guess means that it doesn't happen all the time. Does it happen under any particular circumstances? How often?
    I'm working on RI, making some changes and creating several scenario for all eras. I need just 1 improvement to make, create the string iturn for manifactured bonus to set a limit to military unit production and a global option to allow an accumulation of such resources, but I cant understand really how to do it on python. Do you have some suggestions?
    Hi Walter,

    do you happen to be a historian? When I read your posts I have the impression you have a very profound knowledge of history, not only European but also of other world regions.

    Best wishes, Ambassador
    I have a suggestion to increase Realism in "Realism Invictus" mod. it was primary imaginated to balance scientific research between tall and wide empires in Civilization 5. but the complexity of this mod is perfect place to add this idea. if this idea changes radically "Realism Invictus" mod, you could develop it as another mod of Realism Invictus.

    if you like it,just don't forget to go to my page to give your opinion about it
    I have a problem.... When I am on 467 round, the game just crashs

    All I know is:
    the name's problem is APPCRASH, and a fail happening in CvGameCoreDLL.dll

    Do u know how can I fix it?
    About chariots and british sanctuary... Вам совершенно случайно не знакомы книги Коваленко?
    I saw you Mercedes and I am already using it. Do you think you could do a VW Beetle, too? I would like to use it with a civil and a military skin, so it would be great if you could.
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