Fire Cannon / Hiya Taihou 2.0

Japanese Bombard Replacement

  1. Fire Cannon / Hiya Taihou

    A replacement Bombard for the Japanese. Based on the Fire Cannon from the Civ III scenario Sengoku Jidai, and the real life Hiya Taihou cannons used during the same time. Fires exploding fire arrows packed with gunpowder!

    Second Samurai included inside the files, but I do not know how to replace the current Samurai with him.

    Thanks the great MightyToad for applying the base texture and rigging! :) I created the finalized texture and modeled the unit. Be sure to check out his good ship units.

    2.0 Update: Replaced unappealing Vanilla Samurai with better Samurai from ramzay1945.
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