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Folding Quickly 2016-10-05

Folding Quickly

  1. Asjo
    18-player BtS scenario.

    This scenario isn't a special piece of work, but basically a setup I find really entertaining. Using a custom-made map of the size of 279 x 93 (much larger than normal in-game sizes), I created a conquest-only single-player game with 18 Civilizations on marathon speed. The Civilizations in the game are basically all the aggressive ones and ones that normally do very well in each their way. I had a fun beginning mauling Genghis Khan, but I also realized that the game had scenario-potential. It's perfectly setup with a lot of feud, some dominant nations and some close fights.

    I think most importantly the map makes use of the improved sea invasions in BtS. There is on big, unoccupied continent in the middle and then another fairly large one to the left where there are three players present. Three smaller continents are occupied by two of three well-developed players. Two quite strong nations have their own continent, slightly smaller than the others.

    I added a few good islands to the map and made two islands sorrounded by mountains to have a special setting for two weak players. Four players were exterminated by barbarians, and I have settled these on each their island where they are still developing.

    I have included a small mod which does two things: mod out inflation and global warming to allow for a really long game. Changes the attitude of AI leaders to war to a far more entertaining setting, meaning no dogpiling (mass war on weak nations), more war-readiness (AIs are not afraid to declare war on people with double power and are more likely to declare in general), less peace-mongering (wars will mean something as they will last longer). I recommend you load this mod when playing the game as I will allow for more great sea-wars.