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gaia - version 1.1 2016-10-05

gaia - version 1.1

  1. taube87

    current version: 1.1

    version history:
    requirements:about this mod:

    gaia - epic: new challanges, new dimensions (gaia - episch: neue herausforderungen, neue größe) is an epic mod. the game starts in the ancient times till the present times with some futuristic projects.
    please note that this version in complete in german!

    1. unrar the downloaded file in your "c:...\civilization3\conquests\scenarios" folder.

      you can also try these "bonus steps":
    2. copy and paste the LSANS file from the folder called "extras" in your "c:...\civilization3\conquests\". vista-users have to accept the font with a right click and the order "install". delete the font "lucida sans standard" in the "c:\windows\fonts" folder and install the backup of the font to cancel this step. this mod includes the backup of all fontfiles!
    3. download and install ares terrain for best available terrain pack.
    4. this mods requires the english version! german users have to use goethes tool.
    new concepts:
    • new unitconcepts (spies, ssbn, navyfighters, spyplanes, uav, ...)
    • each cultural area has one unique unit
    • new civilopedia-concepts for units and buildings
    • continuative civilizations
    • each goverment has one unique small wonder
    • new font
    • new unit-stats
    • new techtree
    • plague
    • revised menu- and gamelanguage (german)
    • a gallery.biq shows every unit with ingame graphics
    some main facts:
    • 85 generic land-units (+ 468 specific units)
    • 40 generic sea-units (+ 64 specific units)
    • 37 generic air-units (+ 161 specific units)
    • > 855 units
    • 40 wonders
    • 25 small wonders
    • 53 city improvements
    • > 116 buildings
    • 8 strategic resources
    • 8 luxury resources
    • 24 bonus resources
    • > 40 resources
    • 104 technologies
    • 15 governments
    other changed stuff:
    • some eatereggs
    • new soundeffects
    • revised citynames (german)
    • new interface graphics
    • smaller city- and terrainbuilding graphics
    • "best of" goodyhuts
    • improved civilopedia icons
    • more buildings are specific to each era
    • the scientific leader is specific to each era
    • new titlescreens (in the "extras" folder)
    mod history:

    i started this project in 2003. first of all i wanted to fix some bugs (citynames, ...), but then i started to add units. first of all with the "light tank" from the wwII scenario and so the story goes on.


    this mod is not a one-person production! it includes many graphics and ideas of other civfanatics. the following list is incomplete, but this guys are the main characters of this project and i thank everyone for their works!
    please note that i edit files. the filename of these files are characterized with the name affix "edit" or "alt".
    thanks a lot to:i play:i use:known issues:
    • the error message “WARNING! Maximum hypertext links exceeded” is very annoying, but this message doesn't influence the gameplay.
    • sometimes the new font caused a pink shadow. change "edge smoothing" to "standard" to fix this problem.
    current projects:
    • more units
    • a comprehensive readme and some indexes of all units, buildings, governments and resources
    • some scenarios
    • and a english version
    for questions and discussions please visit this thread!


    1. banner_O4S.jpg
    2. defensive_infanterie_265.jpg
    3. distanz_infanterie_tfB.jpg
    4. leichte_panzer_nO5.jpg
    5. moderne_artillerie_XHC.jpg
    6. offensive_infanterie_pA7.jpg
    7. panzer_0ga.jpg
    8. reiter_HUa.jpg
    9. begleitschiffe_teS.jpg
    10. bombardierschiffe_O6N.jpg
    11. transportschiffe_5gj.jpg
    12. abfangj_ger_Gfr.jpg
    13. bomber_5K0.jpg
    14. jagdbomber_6kV.jpg
    15. zivauswahl_E5e.jpg
    16. antike___rom_lhH.jpg
    17. mittelalter___frankreich_1Ni.jpg
    18. industriezeitalter___gro_britannien_qAi.jpg
    19. atomzeitalter___usa_C9Z.jpg