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God Mod 1.1.4

Become God and do whatever you want (ige)

  1. Added a button

    Added a button for android users or if shift + G doesn't work
  2. Same version

    removed uprising empire from the archive, added it by error sorry.
  3. Destruction

    add an option to destroy buildings and districts

    + improved unit move to option

    fixed some bugs
  4. River/ cliff toggle

    River and cliff now toggle (if you click on a river or a cliff it will remove it)
    river need to be linked to a water plot, so you can't remove a river if it link another river and you can't add a river if it's not linked either to a water plot or a river link to a water plot

    Selector now go on edge when placing river or cliff

    and fixed some bug when clicking on past choices
  5. Colored Icon

    cause black icons were too uncolored (fix for game update)
  6. More power

    Now you can right click to open civilopedia of Terrains, features/ natural wonders, resources, improvements, districts/ buildings/ wonders, civilization, yields and units

    You can now end current production and change the progress (you can look all construction stage of wonders construction)

    if you have rise and fall you can now change city loyalty

    Added icon for barbarian camp and goody hut, cause there is none in the game.
  7. Stop fish

    no more fish world conquest (the true mod)