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Hawaii 362x362 2016-10-05

Hawaii 362x362

  1. Gojira54
    This map was done in December 2012, at the express request of PinkMothra07.

    Land is accurate and detailed, however the Ocean is intentionally not, for speed reasons.

    I highly recommend the following settings for gameplay:

    1. Disallow Oceanfaring
    2. Allow settlers to build on all but mountains\volcano
    3. Set mountains to not allow wheeled units, then make all but workers and scouts wheeled.
    4. Lengthen the movement points in mountains to be 10+
    5. Play around with when you want to clear jungle and marsh, and when they should be disease free.
    6. Have Fun!

    Spoiler :

    Feel free to use this for any purpose at any time, just please do try to always give credit where credit is due. :)