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Hotkeys! 1.3.1

Adds missing hotkeys, along with new functions to help declutter the map

  1. Hotkeys!

    Corrected InGame.lua file version
  2. Hotkeys!

    Update for R&F expansion, game version

    files changed: InGame.lua

    Still just a simple mod to add keys to hide unit icons and city banners (u and x, respectively).
  3. Hotkeys! 1.2

    Updated for Winter patch, game version

    Files updated: InGame.lua
  4. Hotkeys! 1.1

    Updated for Fall patch, game version

    Files updated: InGame.lua


    This is now packaged as a regular mod, so no need to overwrite the base file.

    Updated InGame.lua for the Fall patch and removed the yield icon key. Firaxis hooked up their own key, which you can assign in the keybindings menu. The default is (surprise!) Y. I don't think this made it into the patch notes.

    For whatever reason, they also gave it a generic sound effect. Click! If you don't like the...