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Klingon Negh'Var Battleship 2016-10-05

Klingon Negh'Var Battleship
Built during the 2360's, the Negh'Var was designed for unparalleled protection and firepower; her sheer size was intended to allow her to carry an armament powerful enough to overwhelm any opponent, present or future. She emerged from the shipyards as the largest vessel ever built by the Klingon Navy, at over twenty two hundred feet long. The main armament of the Negh'Var comprises a pair of huge disruptor cannon,2 the largest such weapons ever built. Although they are the most powerful mobile weapons on any alpha quadrant ship, the weapons are able to fire over a very limited arc. Since the Negh'Var herself is not exactly a manoeuvrable ship, the intention of these weapons seems to be to deal with the heavy shielding associated with large space installations, fixed defensive systems and planetary arrays.2 Engaging other vessels falls to the 18 Mark 12 disruptor cannon distributed across the hull; while these are only a fraction as powerful as the Mark 18 weapons, they are at least equal in firepower to the Starfleet Type X phaser array and hence among the most powerful in service.
Source: Daystrom Institute Technical Library
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