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  • Hey, I just want to warn you thst your excellent mod, the playground mod, currently is down. Atomicgamer has stopped their serves, so you need to find some other place to host your mods.

    Onky reason I found out is because my friend tried downloading it but couldnt. Playground mod is so amazing and needs to stay up, even if development has ceased.
    Hell again, looking at the "elephant rider" unit, looks real good in the picture, however, none of the download links work. It appears there are several people that have tried to download it, but without success. This is just the thing I am looking for; could you please check the links? Would really appreciate it. Thanks :)
    Hi again, I figured out why I was able to download the Romero Zombie in one place but not another. it looks like maybe the exact same unit was created by MoscaTnT and uploaded by Ares de Borg. However, it looks like you also uploaded the same file, from the same author, but the one you uploaded isent available.
    Hi! Is there any chance you can re-post the romero zombie? And also the Bedouin Raider? Or...does anybody else out there have these that they can upload them for the rest of us to use?
    Still posting sporadically, mostly in world history. Doing undergrad mechanical engineering now.
    when i downloaded the playground mod I went to civ content and clicked on it and a screen popped up that said something about an error in the intelligence agency this game will now exit
    Just where is it you got the terrain you used in the Playground mod? It's an intriguing image-type, and I was wondering if there was a mod for purely the terrain? I'd like to use it in standard games :)
    Pretty much yes. Also, you need to pre-order the special edition on steam if you want Bayblon. In return, the physcical special edition gives you the offical soundtrack CD, so its countered, I guess.
    Same here. But you need steam for V to work correctly (AKA it will auto-install with Civ 5). I'm mad about that, but I'm still going to get it.

    (BTW, Posted here instead of thread becasue this is off-topic)
    well if you ever feeling like playing check out CFC's chess forum, it's really lively these days (well comparatively so), we're having a chess960 (shuffle-type variant) tournament starting 9/1.
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