Kronshtadt Class Battlecruiser 2.0

Soviet WWII Battlecruiser

  1. Delta_Strife
    The Kronshtadt-class battlecruisers, with the Soviet designation as Project 69 heavy cruisers, were ordered for the Soviet Navy in the late 1930s. Two ships were started but none were completed due to World War II. These ships had a complex and prolonged design process which was hampered by constantly changing requirements and the Great Purge in 1937. They were laid down in 1939, with an estimated completion date in 1944, but Stalin's naval construction program proved to be more than the shipbuilding and armaments industries could handle. Prototypes of the armament and machinery had not even been completed by 22 June 1941, almost two years after the start of construction. This is why the Soviets bought twelve surplus 38-centimeter (15.0 in) SK C/34 guns, and their twin turrets, similar to those used in the Bismarck-class battleships, from Germany in 1940. The ships were partially redesigned to accommodate them, after construction had already begun, but no turrets were actually delivered before Operation Barbarossa.

    The file contains all the sounds and pcx files. Model is not my own creation. Wyrmshadow provided the animation files and Ares de Borg did the sounds. I merely put the pieces together and cleaned up the model for CivIII and added some what if pieces. A big thanks to everyone that helped out!


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  1. Ivghenii
    Version: 2.0
  2. Fallible_Fiend
    Version: 2.0
    Version 2.0 is obviously better and more detailed one, but previous model representing German-built 380-mm main battery (ver.2.0 is original project armed with nine Soviet 305-mm guns). So if you looking for 6x380 version, you have to download the model of 2016.
  3. Node60
    Version: 2.0