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LoTR Civ (BtS) Modular 2016-10-05

LoTR Civ (BtS) Modular

  1. strategyonly
    Do NOT rate thread is for things wrong ok.

    Changed Traits to Imperialist and Aggressive, effective 20 Sep 07.

    LoTR Civ includes all of the units that i could find for now, fighting side by side otherwise i'd have lots of little civs (not good).

    Dont pay any attention to what the uu is just what they can do. Had to place alot of swordsman as archery uu because there just isnt enough selection available to place units for a civ like this.

    Leader: Sauron Leaderhead
    Units: Norman Swordsman as archer, Uruk Swordsman as axeman, Gondor Knight as Cavalry, Norman Horseman as chariot, Easterling Crossbowman as crossbowman, mSwordsman as Cuirassier, Dryad as Grenadier, Easterling HorseSpearman as horsearcher, Sauron as Infantryman, Nazgul as knight, Legolas as Spearman, Easterling Longbowman as longbowman, Gondor Swordsman as maceman, Easterling Pikeman as pikeman, Lurta as scout, Easterling Swordsman as swordsman, Treeman as rifleman, Aaragon as Warelephant
    Building: Mordor palace
    as you can see its not great uu but it'll work great.

    One BUG that i know of: sometimes when units die they drag the bodies of the units on the ground, i think its just a KFM problem, so need anyones assistance possible, thx.

    Thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=243764