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Caveman2Cosmos 15 Jan 2023

No need for any other mod, its all included.

Compatible across versions. Continue playing your current game of C2C - just save our current game and load it in the new version. You will be asked "Should the modifiers be recalculated?". Just say yes, wait awhile and then continue your game with all the new features.

MODPACK Thread: (for Common mistakes, errors and complaints/compliments:

THREAD for idea's and suggestions::

[*]When reporting bugs, and specifically what errors you are having. Posting a screenshot and/or save are both recommended too.

not counting SVN
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Performance is vastly improved since last time I wrote review.
This mod is why Civ 4 is still my favorite version after all these years.
Insanely incredibly vastly filled with content. This is an abasolutely goos-bumb inducing mod pack. I could play this my entire life and never be done with it. Truly fanstactic work! Thank you thank you thank you for making this for us all to use for free, god dammit it cannot get any better than this!
C2C is one of the very best mods for civ iv!
horrible and unbalanced; too much everything
Simply put, the BEST Civilization experience there is.
Tops all official Civ games.
Thank you for making this mod
Best CIV mod ever. I play this mod for years now and the development is impressive. I also tried CIV V and VI but no need for those, this is the best!
Review of V38:
Now with even better balance than before!
Also contains S P A C E stuff!
No space map scripts, there is VericalSolar map though, and few more maps here on forums containing space terrain.
Best Mod ever made for Civ IV BtS. And it is Still actively being updated.
Impressive mod! Been playing since 2010
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