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Lua Hook Checker 2016-10-05

Lua Hook Checker

  1. Civitar
    This is just a little Python script you can use to check if a Lua hook you seem to recall hearing about (or just want to exist) actually exists in Civ5.

    • Download and extract the .zip file to wherever you normally put your modding files. Make sure to always keep the .csv and .py files together.
    • Double-click on checker.py to run the script. If a Python window doesn't open then download Python and then try again.
    • When prompted, type in the hook you're looking for. Unless your entry exactly matches an existing hook, case and all, the script will return an error and usually a list of possible matching hooks you can choose from (meaning you can use this as a "Search Hooks" program if you like).

    To make this I took whoward69's post from the latest patch and made it into a little .csv file which the script reads from. He did all the real work here.:D
    This currently won't give you the arguments you can get from the hook. Also it only works for GameEvent hooks, and not LuaEvents or Events hooks.


    1. pyhookchecker_S88.jpg