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[MAP][SCN] Moda's Early America (map + scenario) 2017-09-25-2:02am

Play as the English, Swedish, or Dutch during the period of early colonization in the United States.

  1. Some map tweaks

    Edited some physical geography for better accuracy.
  2. Connecticut River Update

    Made Connecticut river navigable
  3. More Navigable Rivers, Different Player Starts, and a Base Map for Random Games

    - Made major rivers more navigable, most notably the Hudson, Delaware, and Susquehanna.
    - Changed player starts. Most notably, England's second team member starts in Boston, and Netherlands' second team member starts in Fort Nassau (Albany)
    - The .rar now includes the map by itself. This can be used to generate random games, so you can colonize Manhattan as Spain while neighboring the Inca.
    - The default speed is now set to Epic, though this setting can be changed in the set-up screen.
  4. Attempt #3

    Attempt 3
  5. Attempt #2

    Second attempt to update. For some reason the last one didn't go through.
  6. New England City Name Fix

    Fixed an error with an English city which would appear in-game as "TXT_KEY_CITY_NAME_HARTFORD" instead of "Hartford".