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MaxRigaMod BTS3 2016-10-05

MaxRigaMod BTS3

  1. MaxRiga
    MaxRigaMod is the biggest modern age mod for Civ4 vanilla and BTS.
    This is BTS version, vanilla version is also available for downloading from the official website of the MOD -


    The mod includes 16 scenarios which one allow player to play from 1862AD until modern days. The main concept of the MOD is to make nation army differences, so you can fight soviet t34's against German Tigers in ww2 or protect skies of America with f15's against soviet tu95 bombers in cold war age. In BTS3 version of the mod each single unit has it's own little differences, they are not all equal by strength any more. There are also huge amount of new features such as Global World Centers, which one allows you to build merchant trucks, cargo planes and civil tankers. Each unit will get treasure for your nation if u lack of cash. Be first to build International Space Station, this unit will allow u to spy over entire world from the space.

    MaxRigaMod-BTS3 brings you to absolutely new level of Civilization game, to the level of realism.


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