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Medieval World 1.0

A collection of scenarios featuring the whole world in Medieval Times

  1. oioi23
    The Medieval World:
    A mod + scenario combo including features such as:
    • 23 new civilizations to bring the Medieval World to life, all have unique Diplo Music, a UU and a UB as well as an animated leaderhead. Many also have a full artstyle of Flavour Units
    • Dynamic Soundtracks, music in the Medieval and Renaissance eras will be different depending who you play as. A feature i am quite proud of :). (e.g. if you play as Saladin you will hear Middle Eastern music, Tokugawa will hear east asian music etc)
    • 3 scenarios: Earth 750 AD, Earth 1200 AD and Earth 1500 AD, all based on the Huge Earth map by the user called Constantinople. (Earth 1500 is currently being improved)
    • Flavour Units, most civilizations have a full artstyle of flavour units.

    Hope you enjoy!:)