1. Bonyduck Campersang

    Field of Glory: Kingdoms
  2. Predator145

    Medieval Castles/Fortresses from Kyriakos' city and terrain graphics

    Another copy paste job from Kyriakos' excellent city and terrain graphics. Terrain improvements and city improvements are available. As construction technology improved throughout ancient age, very heavy and expensive fortifications emerged to augment already formidable city walls. These...
  3. Predator145

    Ancient Forts from Kyriakos' city graphics

    More copy and paste jobs from Kyriakos' city graphics to be converted to terrain and city improvements. They were made for my personal consumption and filling in the gaps that no one has covered. Forts were common fixed fortifications. They were larger than fortified towers but smaller than...
  4. Lonecat Nekophrodite


    What should this kind of galley be? A Byzantine Unique Naval Unit or generic? And which era (Classical or Medieval) should this ship shows up? ^ This kind of galley is originated in Rome, evolved from Imperial 'Upgraded' Liburnia (originally a light scout vessel (and even monoreme), and light...
  5. Adamiy

    Vikings 1

    A scenario of Egnalnd in the Middle Ages, with the different duchies, kingdoms and counties of the time. This scenario depicts the British Isles at the time of the Viking raids, with the various historical factions with raids mecanism. You will find the different big cities of the Middle...
  6. Adamiy

    Kingdom of France V 1

    A scenario of France in the Middle Ages, with the different duchies, kingdoms and counties of the time. This scenario is made from a map created entirely by me, and realistic from a point of view of forest, river, mountains, hills, resources, etc. (the map to download here ->...
  7. TimGB

    Europe 1000AD

    Hi! Does anyone else still browse this forum for scenarios and maps, or is it just me? I've been working for these past few days on a little project, to bring the 1000AD scenario to the Europe map. I've done a few tests to try and balance it out so that no AI civ snowballs. The scenario is not...
  8. Blake00

    In Nomine Domini Scenario (MGE) 1.21

    About: A medieval scenario with cool graphics on a huge map of Europe by Paul Mutica. Hosted by the Scenario League. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. File added to this area as part of Blake's lost scenario/mod files restoration & cataloging project which can be found here...
  9. Blake00

    The Holy Roman Empire Scenario (FW) 1.0

    About: A cool medieval era Holy Roman Empire scenario on a huge map of central Europe by Jesús Muñoz Fernández. Hosted by the Scenario League. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. File added to this area as part of Blake's lost scenario/mod files restoration & cataloging project which can be found...
  10. Blake00

    Shogun Scenario (FW) - French 1.0

    About: A French language medieval Shogun era scenario on a medium map of Japan by Eyn. Mod files downloaded from Web Archive backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. No English version sadly so this could use a translation by someone if people like it! Original...
  11. Empires Of Europa Mod/Scénario

    Empires Of Europa Mod/Scénario

    Coming Soon...
  12. sman1975

    SMAN's Pike and Shot Unit Pack V1a

    Initial upload of a collaboration model that will add various melee units for civs, focused on the last Medieval to the early Industrial Eras. More to follow...
  13. sman1975

    Playtesters Needed for "SMAN's The Ancient World at War"

    Hello, I've recently published a mod, and could really use some help testing it. The mod itself is quite stable, but it adds a LOT of content to the game, so getting all of these new things properly balanced will take the evaluation and perspective of as many players as I can get. Here is a...
  14. gapetit

    THE 4 SEA REPUBLICS - GOLDEN EDITION scenario for ToT 2021-02-07

    This is a wartime scenario, however it gives many possibilities for empire builders fans. Anyway when it comes to ressume your achivments only political\territorial goals counts. Every civilization has its own principia according to their historical aims. You can find it "MOREINFO.TXT" in...
  15. Matsuda123

    "What If" MesoAmerican Pikeman 2020-12-16

    Another in the line of what if units. :) This time it is a MesoAmerican Medieval Era Pikeman. Modeled by me, textured / rigged by MightyToad, and the original concept drawing by Andrei Riabovitchev.
  16. sman1975

    SMAN's The Ancient World at War (AWAW) V.0

    NOTE: the version of the mod in the download area is a very early, experimental and buggy version and should never be downloaded. Ever... I have finally finished the V0.0 version of the mod, and it is downloadable on Steam at:
  17. sman1975

    SMAN's The Ancient World at War (AWAW)

    Greetings, This is a collaboration post for an upcoming project. The AWAW will extensively rework the Ancient, Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Eras, and will be the bookend companion to my "SMAN's The World at War" family of mods, cf...
  18. Louis the XIV

    [MOD] Historia Vincit

    I'm Sorry to announce that I have given up this mod, also after the 1.4 Update it has a lot of the civs don't have UU's because of a bug. If anyone wants to use anything from this mod they are free to do so. If you are interested in another project by me check out Rhye's and Fall of Spain. Of...
  19. Louis the XIV

    Historia Vincit 1.4

    I'm sorry to announce that I have given up working on this mod because I took up a new project that takes up more time, and the 1.4 version has too many bugs. This is Historical Mod I have been working on for months. (Pics Below) Thread Link with detailed explanation: Discussion Thread...
  20. O

    Medieval World 1.0

    The Medieval World: A mod + scenario combo including features such as: • 23 new civilizations to bring the Medieval World to life, all have unique Diplo Music, a UU and a UB as well as an animated leaderhead. Many also have a full artstyle of Flavour Units • Dynamic Soundtracks, music in the...
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