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Middelages-Unitpack 2016-10-05


  1. ModFreak
    you needn't to ask me for use the Units
    but there are units from other Modders, like the german, france, english, American
    and Samurai Units, take care to make a look of the original download Thread for their credit
    It cost me to much time to brake out, which historys the units have,
    and is uploaded as credit for the forum bye me
    Of course there are units modded by me too

    Its a part of a personality Moddification, and should ready Units for various
    civilisation of the middelage.
    My opinion was to makes it more unique with a simple overview
    It is with icons,the Civ4Artdefinetag and civ4unitinfo, but you can allready
    copy parts from civ4datas there are more units written in as possible to download from this Forum