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Modular Wonder Firaxis Games 2016-10-05

Modular Wonder Firaxis Games for BTS patch 3.13 by Roamty
base from [New wonder & Video] Firaxis Games by Zeysoft Credit to Zeysoft
I would like to submit this has a Firaxis Games Module. If you have a custom res file you must hand merge this res file into your mod do not over write your files. Please always back up your files before any merge. I suggest for res Adobe Photoshope or MW Graphics 4.00.79 it is free.
MW Graphics look for DXTBmp
Adobe Photoshop is not free


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I'm create a new wonder and video: Firaxis Games. Use it, for example, for create new resource: hit computer games (seemed hit movies and Hollywood).
Video lenght is 32 second
Polycount: ~1250
Firaxis Games Mod Component
Firaxis video (~3 MB)
First image is polycount in spanish (i'm using 3ds max 6 in spanish)
Second is Firaxis Games wonder in civilopedia.
Other images are buttons.

Catalonia Civ: Version 3.3 (Compatible with Civ4 Warlords 2.08)
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Downloads: Catalonia 3.3 for Civ4 Warlords 2.08 - Catalonia 3.2 for Civ4 1.61 - Catalonia 3.1 for Civ4 1.52
Units: Catalan Almogavar
Wonders: Firaxis Games (with video)
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